Top 5 Considerations for On-Site Outsourcing

“Outsourcing” can be such an unsettling term, but it doesn’t have to be!  The on-site provision of office support services by a true partner can be a competitive advantage within your industry when done right. There are some key factors to consider when deciding IF you should be outsourcing, and more importantly with WHO!

  1. Core Function or Support Function?
    • The first thing to consider is if the services in question are part of your Core offering to your customer or a function supporting your core business. The decision to outsource your services should be one that drives efficiency to your core operations by better supporting your internal resources.
  2. Recruitment and Training
    • Regardless of your industry, your HR group is (and should be) focused on recruiting and retaining talent that helps grow your business. It is very rare that the recruitment process for Reception, Mailroom, Print Production or Facilities Services aligns with your core focus.  On the contrary, our recruitment process is transferable between both services and industries because of our services first/hospitality-based approach to all of our offerings.
  3. Implementing Best Practices
    • Outsourcing providers like CMS operate in many industry verticals. Our clients greatly benefit from our ability to bring fresh new concepts from Banking to Retail, or from Retail to Publishing, etc. For example, our retail clients are experts in distribution and logistics to get product to a store or consumer.  We are constantly adapting our experiences in other industries to deliver a state of the art service to give your business a stronger support structure that matches your culture and goals.
  4. Culture Fit
    • The success or failure of a transition to outsourcing a service can often be boiled down to culture fit within your organization. Have you ever walked into a casual work environment and seen a mail clerk in a shirt and tie while SVP’s are in khakis and a polo shirt?  That is a classic case of a rigid provider with a corporate culture being imposed on your organization.  The best fit is the company that can adapt recruiting, training and operational support to YOUR culture.  The best transition is one that is barely noticed!
  5. Integrated Services
    • According to the SUSB, in 2015 the number of companies with 100-499 employees is more than 4x the number of companies with 500+. The larger firms usually have a need for dedicated services teams, i.e. a mailroom staff and manager, while the vast majority require a truly integrated model to be efficient.  This model is difficult for some of the larger outsourcing providers to implement because it requires an extremely flexible operating model that cannot be “cookie cutter” at its core.

The true competitive advantage for CMS is our ability to integrate and support multiple service lines to build a true support team through our hiring and training practices to make sure we can grow with and adapt to your changing financial and operational goals.

Please reach out to us if you would like our experts to do a walkthrough and evaluation of your service needs and determine if outsourcing is the right model for you!

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