We retain our extraordinary people by treating them as extended members of the CMS Family.

We personally connect with our people every bit as much as our customers. It’s not rocket science, it’s really social science. You simply can’t have loyal customers without first earning the loyalty of our people.

Finding the best

We find, develop, motivate and retain the best people in the business; quite honestly, we aren’t shy about bragging about it! Our approach to understanding your businesses, recruiting and retaining people that fit in and excel, is second to none. With the average CMS employee at over 10 years, our approach is proven. We’re in the people business and we’re good at what we do.

We are always on the lookout for acquiring talented people. Our approach is that you hire the smile and train the brain. We take great care in only attracting and introducing the very best of the best into the CMS Family.

You simply can’t have loyal customers without first developing and earning loyal employees.

~ Peter Drucker

Principles over policies

Most companies train their employees at length on what NOT to do. They call this “company policy.” At CMS, we think a bit differently. We replace policies with principles. Rather than train we engrain our people on what is best to do – a principle.


A policy tells you what not to do, while a principle explains what you should do.

We have a few policies; but we have a long list of guiding principles

Loyal people create loyal customers

Our business is about our people, and yours.

By hiring well and fostering loyalty through guiding principles, we develop and retain empowered and loyal people. We replace cynicism with faith and trust our people to do right thing for our company and yours. This approach has led to an average employee and client tenure of 10 years. We’re proud of those numbers, and so too are our clients.