Workplace Support Services, Outsourced - Internally.

We create workplace environments that allow our customers to thrive.
How we do it

We are a workplace solutions company that handles everything from reception to mailroom and everything in between to help you improve the performance of your business operations.

Our approach is as unique and refreshing as our success is proven – we call it The Complete Fusion Workplace and through it, we’re changing the way companies think about outsourcing in-house services.

The optimal blend of co-creation with clients and CMS’ best-in-class services are fused with our people and technology to assure performance improvement and cultural fit. From staffing and managing your offices lobby, to enhancing your in-house print and mailroom operations, to consulting on relevant workplace solutions, CMS creates workplace environments that will allow your business to thrive.

We believe every interaction our people have within an organization is an opportunity for us to shine. The solutions we provide are equally designed to make your organization shine. Let’s shine together.

Practical workplace solutions that will add value to your core business


Why Fusion Solutioning?

Fusion by CMS is the combining of one or more service elements to create better energy and improve efficiency.  The utilization of cross trained professionals to yield positive outcomes across your service lines is what enables CMS to help you propel productivity and performance.  Additionally, your organization benefits from added competencies without the added expense.  Ask for a demonstration on how we can put our Fusion solutioning to work for you.

Practical Solutions

By outsourcing specific functions, departments and/or services to CMS (all managed on-site, within your organization) we’re able to help companies improve business performance.

Workplace Services


An Office is a merely a building or a place of work, while a Workplace is where work gets done! Our people power our success and yours to keep your workplace working.


Document Services


A practical document management solution is invaluable to an organization’s financial performance and reputation.


Consulting Services


A unique array of professional consulting services provides efficiencies and scale to your operations.


Top 6 Things to Consider – Mail and Package Screening

CMS has been providing our Clients’ with a wide array of Mail and Package screening services ever since the attacks on 9/11 in NYC and all around the country.  The recent mail bombs sent is a reminder that close attention needs to be paid to what is coming in and out of your building to maintain a safe workplace and ensure business continuity. 

Top 4 Change Management Decisions

One of the biggest projects we work hand-in-hand on with our clients is process change within their organizations. This process change could be regarding services, technology, space, equipment or any other support provided to employees for the day to day activities in your office.

Top 5 Considerations for On-Site Outsourcing

Outsourcing can be such an unsettling term, but it doesn’t have to be! The on-site provision of office support services by a true partner can be a competitive advantage within your industry when done right. There are some key factors to consider when deciding IF you should be outsourcing, and more importantly with WHO!